The Weather Outside is Frightful…

Last night I went for not only a night run, but a cold weather run. My friend Chrissy and I have a standing date once a month, and since she recently got into running this summer, we had started a couple of our nights off with runs together.

We donned we now our reflective apparel and ventured off into the night, head lamps set to guide our path.

My training plan only called for a two mile run, which never quite feels like enough, but as we hit the pavement and it started to drizzle, 12226775_10100556191636150_181058432_nit crossed my mind that maybe two miles would be plenty. We rounded the first corner on the path I took us on, and the rain picked up along with the wind.

And then it happened. It started to sleet. Tiny little spikes of ice fell from the sky, pummeling us on our path as we cussed, and laughed, and realized that this is exactly what training in the winter would be like in Minnesota, so we’d better just suck it up and keep going.

So last night’s run’s word is Friendship.

Without Chrissy there, I am not sure I would have kept going. It was cold, wet, sleet-y… but having a friend right there by my side was all I needed to suck it up and press on through the uncomfortable circumstances. By the time our run ended, it was dry again, the wind was dying down, and we were both incredibly happy we went. Sometimes you just need that push to get out there and get it done.

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