Do It Anyway.

I’ve been struggling quite a bit with motivation. Maybe it’s the season changing, maybe it’s the cold, or maybe I just don’t want to have to work anymore to get where I want to be (re: lazy), but it’s been a chore to get myself to get moving.

It comes as no surprise, then, that I missed my entire week 3 of training. Granted, I was traveling for work which killed any motivation I might have had to begin with, but I made a deal with my running friends that I’d ‘repeat’ week two for the remainder of last week, and then suck it up and move on this week.


I ran two miles on Thursday, three on Saturday, and prepped myself to really give week three my all.

Here I am. I took off last night into the dusk, feeling pretty awesome about how nice it was outside (re: 45 degrees). The sun sets and that all changes… but at least I started out warm. Running at night is really peaceful. Everything is so quiet and still. I’m really kind of enjoying it so far – granted, I don’t have my long runs for quite a few more weeks…

The word for these last three runs is Motivation. I didn’t have it, but I ran anyway. And you know what? I felt better. So many times I have said, others have said, the world had said, just do it anyway. Even if you don’t want to. You’ll feel better than if you don’t. It’s really the truth.

Do it anyway.

I continue to make hats, earwarmers, and all sorts of other things. Thankful for the five or so orders – some of them even custom orders! – I have recieved to help me put some cash away for the half marathon! Thank you to those who have ordered!

This blog is called pavement and pints, but I haven’t talked much about pints. That will change soon. For now, it’s all about the pavement and keeping myself accountable.


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