One Week Away

Well, it’s official. I am one week away from running the half marathon that inspired me to start this blog that I so rarely write in anymore. I am a mix of excited and nervous. I know I’ve trained. I know I can do the distance. I’ve just hit that point now where I am anxious to actually get on the course and just… go. I’m afraid I’ll be disappointed in my time, but I am also excited to see what I can do. Everyone keeps telling me the point is to go and have fun. Yes, it indeed is. But I also want to kick on serious booty on the course. Well, kick serious booty for me, that is.
I watched this little peek at a part of the course and I immediately began dreading the hills – but instead of worrying about slogging the hills, I am getting excited for all the zooming down hills I will do.

I am nervous because it is in my nature
to worry about the unknown. I am also trying to be better about that. The unknown is a terrifying thing to me. As Nikki Limo says, I just want to do a good job. And as Grace Helbig says, in general, I just want to be a better human. This training and race have been big steps in my life. I’ll yammer on about that in my race recap in a week or so… But for now, I’m going to take deep breaths and walk forward into the unknown with JOY and EXCITEMENT and do my damned best to love the crap out of this race, no matter how much my anxiety is making me want to accidentally oversleep and casually just call is a vacation and not a destination race.

We’re gonna do this. And we’re gonna kick ass. Ok self? Ok.

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