Let’s Look at the Numbers

I thought it would be fun to post some info-graphic type data from my training, which began on October 31st — the day I decided I’d run a half marathon.

Number of days trained: 149

Coldest temperature I ran in:-5 (not including the windchill that day)

Number of times I was caught without a port-a-potty and became good friends with mother nature: 4 (including once on that -5 degree day)

Number of runs during training: 58

Times I felt like quitting: 3

Times I felt invincible: 55

I have run 279 miles, or just over the width of the state of Wisconsin.


I have run 4010 minutes (67 hours), or just about 3 and a half Harry Potter movie marathons.


I have burned approximately 44,416 calories, or about the caloric value of 15 large cheese pizzas.


I am still really nervous about the hills on this course. My average time with some hills is about 13:45. Max time for the course is 3 hours and 30 minutes (16 min mile pace), so I am going to really push to not burn out and keep an even 14 minute pace for my whole race. Walks and runs seem to be my best method, taking my mile time from 14 min a mile to 12:45 on flat terrain.

Deep breaths. Relax. You can do this. You’re a rockstar. You trained for this.

4 thoughts on “Let’s Look at the Numbers

  1. The numbers don’t lie, You my friend are one hell of runner. Your dedication speaks volumes, as I stopped running outside when it hit positive single digits. I think you will do great on your race. Try not to concern yourself with the hills, tackle each one as you come to it. Remember you are a well oiled machine, you have been preparing for this, you will succeed, and you will be brilliant. I have confidence in you.

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  2. You are a rockstar! The dedication you have shown to the training no matter the conditions (plus the lack of necessary conditions) will get you past any hurdle that may come your way. Run Baby! Run!


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