Project Greenshoot

It’s been 43 days since I started this run streak — There have been walks There has been bitter, bitter cold. There has been days I just don’t want to; days I’m sick of being cold all the time… But I’m still at it.

I’m trying to temper myself and remind myself constantly that I need patience. In the winter, my runs are slow. I’m slogged down by running gear, layers to keep me warm25659461_10101151823515090_6002449403895101980_n, cold air, snow that feels like running on sand, ice, etc. On a good day, I post a 14:15 minute mile. And god, does that feel fucking awful. I’m trying to remind myself that this will translate, once the snow melts, back to my usual 12:30 mile. It always does. Always.

Training for the half is fine. My new goal of 15 miles a week will help me reach my yearly goal of 700 mile – my biggest year yet. My first “long” run is Saturday, with 4 miles on the chart. Back before the snow, I tallied up a 5 mile run because I was bored. Right now, four miles feels painful.

I’m getting close to my favorite part of training — the ability to run to the local park. When I get to the 6 mile mark, I’ll be running to the park, around the largest loop, and back home. Something about that always jives with me. Right now, I run around my neighborhood on the 1, 2, or 3 mile paths I know very well. It’s all boringly geometric, but it’s what I have right now. I can’t wait to run down the path on Beach Road and reach the trail head. That will feel like such an accomplishment, given where I started back on the path to running in October.

I’m tired of being slow. I’m tired of feeling like this is all so much work… I know there will be a payoff at the end, but man being patient is hard. I keep reminding myself of my reward – that PR at Run the Bluegrass will feel great. I’ll get my name on the PR board again at Etheral. And I will get a new tattoo.

I should probably put some work into deciding what that tattoo will be… Running themed? Astrology themed? Something to represent my love for my home state?

First comes the work.

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